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Attention: This is not a game or an executable. This is a template in the form of game files to be accessed through the Ren'Py engine for game development.

You can also download this from GitHub (and there are more instructions there)

Images and code for a character creation screen based off of the sprite Keri created by Konett.

Images and code for a character creation screen based off of the sprite 'Keri' created by Konett. Image modifications, interface, and code created by LunaLucid/Namastaii. If you use this sprite, please credit Konett.

Modifications created by LunaLucid/Namastaii. If you use this sprite, please credit Konett.

Konett: https://konett.itch.io/

Konett's Lemma Soft thread: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=28840&hilit=konett

Keri is CC-BY license

You are not required to credit me for the code template or manipulated images but if you'd like to do so you can credit LunaLucid https://lunalucid.itch.io/

This template was created with the Ren'Py Engine

Note: Not all Keri assets were included. You can download the original PSD at the Lemma Soft link above.


I was going to use Konett's Keri sprite in my game that I started years ago and I've redesigned the game so many times since then and have also decided to get custom sprites created so I thought I'd give out my layer manipulations and dress up code for anyone to use. Not all Keri assets are here (you can find the original PSD on Konett's thread here.)

(I've also made these images much larger so you'll likely need to use zoom to display them)

This was created with assets from all Keri versions provided by Konett

The dressup template includes the following:
• 1 base with 5 skin colors
• 5 hairstyles
• 15 hair colors for each style
• 3 eye shapes
• 10 eye colors
• 5 top styles
• 6 variations for each top style
• 3 bottom styles
• 6 variations for each bottom style
• and of course the code

I've created lips and eyebrows that match each skin shade

You can download the original PSD files from Konett and add more in. I've taken the leather pants and added jean material to it as well as changed some of the tops and added some designs to them.

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GenreVisual Novel
Tagsassets, character-creation, dressup, Ren'Py


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Keri-Dressup-RenPy-Template.zip 52 MB


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it is possible to upgrade this program

Hi, this is a very cool tool I've seen before from that poster. You can definitely take that and make it your own, such as use the same fundamentals but incorporate a different interface for it and use your own parts. The difference between this one and mine is mine uses buttons (on an imagemap) to select preexisting images whereas this one uses sliders to go through a list of colors to apply to the object directly. It's very easy to do and the code isn't complicated but you will definitely need some knowledge beforehand to understand it which I suggest for anyone using code snippets made from others, including mine.

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You can use adjustment layers in photoshop to create multiple versions of the sprite with different skin tones and the backdrop/buttons were also made in photoshop 

Hey, would there be a way for the sprite to be behind the image map?

Things are displayed in the order they're written so if you'd like certain elements to be rearranged, you can move them up or down, so you can display the sprite before displaying the imagemap in the script. (if that's what you mean) 

Is there any way to export the avatars that you've created?

There isn't, it's just a template to use as a reference or adapt as your own for your game so players can create a character with these assets or your own using the code. However, the images are in a folder and you can layer those put them together in photoshop or another program and save those images.

How do you open it in renpy? It's not showing up as a project in it...

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If you move the unzipped folder to the same directory Ren'Py shows project folders (and press refresh), it should. 

Tried contacting you but your discord isn't lunalucid#1991 anymore. Are you open for javascript coding?

It should be LunaLucid#1991 (again)

how do i open this in ren'py

Hm... How do I open it? I downloaded but there are two files I can't open and a folder with the images... O. O

This is meant to be opened with the Ren'Py engine. It isn't an executable. 


Yes, I tried but I just don't know why... xD Gave up 

Start Ren' Py create a new project call it something like Character Creator or whatever. Then open the game file then delete the folder and replace it with the game folder in this zip. Then launch the project and you should be good to go.

when I delete the other game file, it doesn't detect the new one with the character creator, so my game is unplayable. any tips on how to solve?

Once you extract the zipped file - put the unzipped folder "Keri-Dressup-RenPy-Template" into your "Renpy Projects" folder and that is all that needs to be done. Be sure to press "refresh" at the top of the list on the Ren'Py launcher. Just to add (as I've said before and in case it was unclear) this is a template to work from (and learn from) to potentially adapt into your own games. It isn't a game. You can run it as one to test out the dress-up mechanics but in order to utilize it for what it's for, you'll need to know how to code in Ren'Py. There's a lot of questions about simply opening the project which is the easiest part, so just know this is a coding template. Thank you. 

Thank you for explaining and your patience, you probably get these sort of questions a lot, so I appreciate you explain it

No problem. I'm going to add a disclaimer at the top so hopefully that helps clear up any confusion in the future. I can also easily release an executable where you just open it and mess around with the dress up but I felt that it wasn't enough to be a game to play.


Is/will there be an adult version for use in erotic games?


you're supposed to draw your own assets, it's just a template for your own game

can i play this game


Hi can I use this on my game?


How can I use this in ren'py?

I'm new to this.

A friend and I are creating a visual novel, can we use this template but put our own graphics instead of the ones that are already there?


Yep, that's what it's there for essentially so feel free :)

can it be used for commercial use?

Yes, if you're using the sprites as well just be sure to credit Konett.

Really, thank you for uploading this! I don't think i'll use it, but really; you're helping a lot of people, and that's amazing. uvu

Thank you^^ :)

These are great! I've been wanting to create a Visual Novel for a while now, but I'm not much of a Sprite Artist. If I ever manage to complete it I'll absolutely credit you!

Thank you, be sure to credit Konett if you use any of the sprite art. I just coded it and made the interface^^


I am working on a visual novel that includes +18 content. Can i add genitals on base pngs and use it ? 

I'm honestly not sure. I'd assume so since it has the CC-BY license but if you'd like to check to be safe, ask Konett since that is their asset. 



Can I use this for my ongoing game?

Yes you may, just credit Konett if you use the character sprite art in this at the very least, thanks^^


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What do I need to do to run the script? (srry, I'm new on this)

This isn't an executable, just a template for the Ren'Py engine^^

Amazing! Can i use this in any game? (I will credit you!)


Yes, and if you use this sprite make sure to credit 'Konett'. Thank you :)

If you want i can send you a link to the finshed project once it is finished!

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