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Really, thank you for uploading this! I don't think i'll use it, but really; you're helping a lot of people, and that's amazing. uvu

Thank you^^ :)

These are great! I've been wanting to create a Visual Novel for a while now, but I'm not much of a Sprite Artist. If I ever manage to complete it I'll absolutely credit you!

Thank you, be sure to credit Konett if you use any of the sprite art. I just coded it and made the interface^^


I am working on a visual novel that includes +18 content. Can i add genitals on base pngs and use it ? 

I'm honestly not sure. I'd assume so since it has the CC-BY license but if you'd like to check to be safe, ask Konett since that is their asset.

Can I use this for my ongoing game?

Yes you may, just credit Konett if you use the character sprite art in this at the very least, thanks^^


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What do I need to do to run the script? (srry, I'm new on this)

This isn't an executable, just a template for the Ren'Py engine^^

Amazing! Can i use this in any game? (I will credit you!)


Yes, and if you use this sprite make sure to credit 'Konett'. Thank you :)

If you want i can send you a link to the finshed project once it is finished!

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